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A verified profile on RealConnex establishes you as a credible investor to a fast growing community of 70,000 developers, investors, lenders and other real estate professionals. It also allows you to showcase your equity sources and connect to new deals. 24X7

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Confidentially post your Investment needs. RCX matches your LP or GP capital to the right deal, JV or sponsor. Multiple Investing methods include participation in sponsor syndicated or crowdfunded deals. Join live pitches or ask our Concierge service and we will match you to the right deal. All in a 100% FINRA and SEC Compliant manner.

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Powerful networking without the noise. RealConnex will identify the right networking or Joint Venture opportunities. Smartbots analyze your activity and recommend quality connections that will lead to your next deal. Broaden your network in ways never possible before.

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Find the service provider with the right skill set, track record and experience; Real Estate Services: Brokers, design, build, engineering, Professional Services or insurance.

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Privacy settings allow you to operate on RealConnex exactly as you would day-to-day. You or your projects are only visible to those you choose. Smartbots find and 'invite' the right partners for you to pre-select and engage. It's business development in ways never possible before.