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New Business delivered to your inbox automatically. A verified profile on RealConnex establishes you as a credible Broker within the fast growing community of 70,000+ developers, owner /operators, fund managers, investors, lenders and other real estate professionals. It also allows you to showcase your services and connect to new business....24x7

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Post and showcase one or more of your services and you will connect to opportunities that match your ideal engagement criteria. Its business development while you sleep. 

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Post or Email blast your listings or other communications to your groups or other members. RealConnex can also automatically post your listing into the RCX MarketPlace and socialize your listing globally. 

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Powerful networking tools will identify the right JV partner or networking opportunities. Smartbots understands you and your posts and recommends connections - without the noise.

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Establish yourself as an expert in your field. Open discussions, upload relevant articles and publish your opinions. ReallConnex will establish you as an expert in the field and build profiled communities for your business. 

Privacy Features 

Smart Privacy settings allow you to operate on RealConnex exactly as you would day-to-day. You are only visible to those you choose, whether it's your peers, investors or anyone else.