Top 3 Reasons Real Estate Professionals
become RCX Verified Dealmakers 

Be Recognized as a Top Professional In Your Sector

RealConnex Verification certifies you are who you say you are, have done what you say you have done, and are a credible viable partner for projects worldwide. 

Do More Business 

By being a  verified professional our members and the industry know that you operate at a higher level of service then joe blow and that you adhere to the best business practices. 

Next-Generation Networking & Business Development

Becoming a part of our exclusive ecosystem signifies your ability to not only be the top of your sector but your willingness to understand and adapt to the needs of todays clients. 

Verified Professionals 

Why Verify?

Verifying your identity will give to others comfort that you are who you claim you are.

You will stand out in searches with a “verified” icon next to your profile.

You will have access to a more extensive privacy system allowing you to limit the display of your information to other Verified Members.

RealConnex offers our users a third party verification system at the person or company levels. If you see a Verified RealConnex member who claims he is John Smith, you can be sure you are actually communicating with Mr. Smith - not Jane Dempsey from the Cayman Islands.

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